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Once you’ve used Google Apps for email hosting, you can not go back. Speed, spam control, web interface, ease of use with smartphones, everything is first class. Since December 2012, however, Google Apps is no longer free. Now, for $ 50 a year and all these services, you should think, “OK, that’s fine, there are a lot of features for $ 5 a month.” But what if you do not want a calendar or documents or a unit or the beautiful webmail? Interface? What happens if you only want a simple e-mail? Or if you have a group bluehost coupon code of users and you really add $ 50 / year per user? You only want an e-mail that works.
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This namecheap strategy has had several reasons recently. Cost: Google Apps is no longer free ($ 50 / year). In addition, you may just want an email address and do not need the many features of Google Apps. cPanel: A “normal” cPanel host (eg Host Gator, BlueHost) offers excellent web hosting and poor messaging hosting. A hundred cards in one basket: it’s not a bad idea to launch your website with a host and your email with another host.

The number 3 might be worth it, that is, if you host your site in one place and you host your email in another, if it fails, it does not mean that both are inactive. In fact, websites can go down a bit. If your email crashes so many times, you’ll notice it.

Set up email hosting with NamEcheap

The great video above takes you through the hard part: setting up MX records in your domain registrar. By the way, you need to follow the same steps to set up Google Apps. The following video shows how the email address is actually created. Purchase an email hosting plan with NamEcheap. Search Email Hosting -> Personal Email Address ($ 2.99 / year).
Configure DNS on NamEcheap servers. Huh? This means that you must tell your domain that you are using NamEcheap for your e-mail hosting. Love video on this page above. The configuration of your domain registrar is different, but you must edit the MX records. Yes, it’s technical. Yes, this can be confusing if you do not know how to edit MX records.
Wait It can take between 2 minutes and 2 days, depending on where your domain is registered. How do you know if he’s ready? When you log in to NamEcheap, it will be activated. Another video on this page. Set an email address to and a password. See the video below Test If you set your CNAME correctly so that points to the web space of the email, you can go there and see if you enter the email address. Send one, tap the answer option and see if it comes back. If it works, it works. If it still does not work, wait. You want to verify that the MX records point to the correct location: MX Search. Configure your mail client (for example, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.) based on NamEcheap settings. If you want to get the code: incoming: and outgoing: SPA without marking. Then you should check if “My server output (SMTP) requires authentication”. Setting up your smartphone To receive the email on your iPhone or Android, Namecheap provides documentation documentation (complete with screenshots): Active synchronization settings (for smartphones).
Take advantage of the fact that Google Apps saves you $ 47 a year and spend for something precious.

I hope you are ready with your new e-mail address! I would like to hear your experience with Namecheap bluehost promo codeĀ  Email Hosting. I checked the web interface and although I was spoiled with the Google Apps interface, the NamEcheap webmail was not bad.
To create your e-mail address once the domain e-mail is activated: