Best wining forex strategy in 2018

Would you like to be able to open a price chart and predict short-term price movement with confidence? Every retailer strives to be an incredible technical analyst. This is one of the basic skills candlestick pattern needed to work as a boss in the foreign exchange market.

Let’s face it, this is a very seductive and addictive form of analysis, and if it is well done, very lucrative! Essentially, price shares are something that trading systems need, and many have evolved from their principles. Once you master the graphics, you can invent your own trading system that works for you and be proud of your results.

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But first you must master the graphics and become your own king of technical analysis. In this guide, I have some great tips that will highlight the graphics and give a great boost to the clarity of your analysis. The next time you open your trading software!

Get the context with the action of the price What is the problem number 1 with the price action noobs? Easy to swap patterns of insulated candlesticks!
It must be the trap that every new trader breaks when he opens the door to negotiate the price of the action, and he is still in this toxic mentality! I can not stress enough on this point: a candle motif is a very weak signal!

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In fact, I have some fun facts that I can pass on from recent tests. I wrote a program to evaluate a scenario that would change any investment in a candle, especially the candle / needle candle.

The program only looks at the pattern as a commercial signal, that’s it! He is not interested in the size of the candle, market conditions, nothing! When the Price Action Forex model is displayed, start saving the data.

If we take a single signal for a fixed beam candle signal (over several pairs and time intervals), best forex strategy averages have about 20% of the expected success rate, which in real commercial terms equates to jumping on the bus bankruptcy.